Between Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is a combination of physical postures and breathing techniques that can help purify the body, mind and spirit. Yoga focuses more on the journey than the goal and therefore you are not competing with anyone.

Through yoga we develop a greater awareness of our physical and psychological states. Therefore we can experience life with greater clarity, flexibility and consciousness.

Pilates as a form of exercise was developed in the 1940s by Joseph Pilates, who first used the yoga-like moves to rehabilitate Second World War soldiers. He then modifies the style for injured dancers and so modern day Pilates was born.

Pilates is an exercise style that involves training the little muscles and working on your core strength to improve posture and alignment. These classes are like a very intense stretching class that incorporates workouts for your abdominal, leg, arm and back muscles.

Both Yoga and Pilates classes usually run between 45 - 60 minutes.


Yoga and Pilates are our extremely popular Wellness Services that TakeASeat provides for the workplace. These modalities can be booked as regular or one-off sessions.

NEW! ’Seated’ Yoga is an innovative and original way to practice yoga in the workplace. Participants don’t need to change their clothes or leave their desk. Try a class and be an industry leader in this progressive approach to Corporate Wellness.

Many of us are experiencing an increase of pressures in the workplace. Also today’s office workers lead increasingly sedentary lives. If people don’t have an outlet to exercise or be active, muscles and tendons begin to tighten, often leading to pain and discomfort. Pilates and Yoga are two of our main modalities to deal with this.



For the individual

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased joint lubrication, subsequent reduction of pain
  • Stimulation of internal organs, helping to keep disease away
  • Release of physical, mental and emotional tension
  • Stress management – who needs or wants stress?
  • Increased flexibility
  • Calmer mind


For your organisation

Due to regular yoga sessions employees can be more focused and therefore more productive. Yoga can assist with health issues such as regular headaches, lower backpain and many others, therefore reducing sick leave. It also provides an excitement vibe in the office for staff. The communication and interaction fuelled through such activities can increase team spirit and lifting group morale.

When engaging the Wellness Services of TakeASeat your business will benefit from happier and healthier employees who will walk that extra mile because they feel appreciated and valued.